The third eye is a mystery that one can understand solely by experience. There are various interpretations of what causes it to open and what takes place after. From biological explanations to myths and spiritual insights, this phenomenon called ‘third eye’ is a never-ending debate.
The written rumination is based on the ‘The Third Eye’ by T.Lobsang Rampa and understanding different perspectives and experiences of people. The technique of block printing along with shapes and colours, is used as a medium to narrate.
The elements from the print are later used to create patterns. These patterns are applied to clothing articles to show its prospect in textiles.

Mood board

Block Printed Stole 

In the physical world, within a secure stable boundary,
When the third eye opens up, and it all becomes chaotic
The fear leads to ignorance, close the third, it opens up, close, open, close
It’s unstable and shows visions, colours, forms that are not understood
The truth gets uncomfortable, it’s difficult to accept
But let it open, tame the eye, learn to control
It takes patience, it takes understanding
But once it’s let in and stabilized, there’ll be no boundaries, no time
Only connection to your inner self and the subconscious mind

Possible Prints and Patterns

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